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Patagonia Farm with 47 hectares for sale - 13133

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4930000 Villarrica


Región de la Araucanía

Country: Chile   Infos Property purchase
Living Area: 160 m²
Property: 470.000.00 m²
Sale price: 1.600.000 Euro
ap. 1.762.500 USD
Buyer does not pay any Commission!
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Direct Agreement with Owner
The property is located about 2 km outside the urban area of the village Huiscapi. It is located halfway from Villarrica (famous town in the lake area) to Loncoche (commune, lower administrative center) in the lake area.
The distance to the airports of Temuco Macahue and Valdivia Pichoy is almost the same and 90 km.
Huiscapi has everything you need for daily life as hardware stores, pharmacy, greengrocers, markets, mechanics, 2 schools (basic education), Reten of the Carabineros and a CESFAM.
Villarrica has several banks, supermarkets, hardware stores, medical centers, several schools and high schools, including international schools such as Colegio Alemán and Oxford College.
The modern Villarrica Regional Hospital will open in the second half of 2023.
There is a campus of the Catholic University and also of the UdoC.
The cultural center Liquen de Villarrica is very active in programming concerts, exhibitions, workshops for children, musicians, artists or cinema.
Temuco (90 km from Huiscapi) is the regional center of Araucanía with cultural centers, markets, museums, regional hospitals, theater, cinema and events.
A little further (300 km south) is Frutillar with its famous theater, Teatro del Lago where there are international concerts.

Why Chile? Why Huiscapi?
In Latin America, Chile is the most developed country of the continent. The state administration is more digitally advanced than Germany. For almost everything you find a digital solution with access by unique key. Very easy and inexpensive.
The region La Araucanía is known for its exceptional nature, rivers, waterfalls, volcanoes, streams, hot springs and native forests. There are several National Parks. Nothing is too far away, neither the sea nor the mountains. There are ski centers, hiking, rafting.
The most interesting thing about Chile is that it has all the climatic zones of the world, and therefore a surplus of delicacies.
The Villarrica and Llamá volcanoes can be seen from the property. They are very beautiful and a natural spectacle.

Huiscapi is a promising place without being crippled by the tourist flow like Villarrica, Pucon or LicanRay. The people are friendly and supportive. You can easily get in touch if you want to, but it is not necessary.
Chile Patagonia Property in Villarrica: Farm with 47 hectares, for sale.
This beautiful property in La Araucanía with its snow-capped mountain range in the east offers plenty of space to realize your own ideas. Trees and nature are very important to the current owner. Therefore, they have placed the emphasis of land use on reforestation with native trees, as well as the application of ecological approaches to animal husbandry and vegetable cultivation. The number and, above all, the constant growth of the numerous bird species confirms their resolve.
In the morning, they are frequently awakened by a male loica (recognizable by its bright red belly), which communicates with its reflection in the windows. The ibis (banderias) rejoice at every cut of the grass and sweep over the ground with their long beaks. Bumblebees and bees are found everywhere and hare populations, subject to their own hunting rights, increase. Colorful lizards bask in the sun. The sight of nature never bores.
Due to the proximity of the Villarrica volcano, the soil is very fertile. To enjoy a delicious meal, a trip to the greenhouse or to the vegetable garden you will always find something tasty or healthy. At night, you can admire the starry sky with a glass of rich red wine or something similar.
Here you can still contemplate the beautiful Milky Way. The nights are cool due to the proximity of the peaceful sea and the sound is refreshing.

What is the land useful for?
This organic field is ideal for growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Organic is very popular in Chile and you can get very good prices. You can sell these products in the nearest markets, to hotels or restaurants. A productive path of the neighboring farmers is in process. Ecological animal products such as meat, eggs or cheese etc. are available.
It serves for ostrich, goats, sheep, cattle or horses. It is a place to live he sounded of riding horses are limits, maybe add some cabins and has a large horse ranch for vacations or riding therapy.
A donkey or alpaca field with riding for children or seniors is also possible.
A weekly house for yogis etc. plus cabins, yurts or teepees would also be possible, then it is really trendy.
If you are a passionate farmer, you could consider setting up a nice campsite here. Basic vacations with no luxury, no cell phones are very comfortable to relax in.
The terrain offers enough space to enjoy it. Best for the self-employed who want to live self-sufficiently or a small community. It helps you to realize your dreams.
Now you wonder why the current owners want to sell this paradise? They want to move to Germany to live closer to their relatives.
A detailed description of everything is available upon request.
If interested, an online visit with the seller is also possible.
The property has approximately 47 hectares, with 20 hectares of native forest. In the last 3 years they have planted 15,000 native trees to have a native forest of hualles, coligues, manio, Chilean hazel, maitén, ulmos, cinnamon, radal, olive, chestnut, linden, laurel and raulí. In the marshes there is natural forest.

Main house (year 2010) of 160 m², 2 floors, wood tiles Frutillar style, 2 bedrooms and bathrooms with shower, large living room with dining room and wood stove, cellar, gallery with desk. Built earthquake proof according to German standards. A 50 m² cellar and garage with electric gates, Hörrmann brand. Terrace with pergola, barbecue, clay oven, hot tub for 8 people.
Cabin (year 2020) Tecnofast modular house style (42 m²), electric blinds, air conditioning, 1 bedroom, 1 living room with fitted kitchen, bathroom with shower. Terrace door style windows. Distance to the main house 100 mts.
Caretaker's house (renovated 2011) 72 m², 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom with shower.
Old warehouse (year 1978) m² of the previous owner, corridor to the shed (year 2012) 180 m² for agricultural machinery. Also built earthquake-proof according to German standards.
Behind the shed there is a woodshed along the length of the shed.
The entire field is connected to three-phase electricity (subway cable, German quality).
Corrals (year 2014), 210 m², 210 m², 2. Bale storage area, connected to electricity and water.
Wells, water rights:
3 wells of 6 to 8 mts (main house, caretaker's house, corrals), deep well inscribed (1.7 l/ sec).
APR also. Access to Huiscapi river.
5 porters with power connection for electric fences. A corral for pigs with water and electricity. Chicken coop.
1000 m² orchard, 200 m² greenhouse and barbecue area with apple, pear, quince, cherry, peach, apricot, apricot, strawberry, raspberry, fig, blackberry, rhubarb, etc. All ready for irrigation.
Current internet access by cell phone. From Huiscapi village there is fiber access.
Property Viewing:
Chile Patagonia Farm with 47 hectares for sale - 13133 Viewing: We are very happy to arrange a viewing appointment for you. In the property or online with the seller.
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The offer was last updated on May 5, 2023

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