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Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - Puglia Immobiliare QR-Code Ostuni Bauernhof 2 km zum Meer - EfG 1548-IDD

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Beautiful 19th century farmhouse | EfG 1548-IDD

EfG Exposé:

EfG 1548-IDD

City - Town:

72015 Ostuni



Region: Brindisi
Country: Italy   Infos Property purchase
Living Area: 600 m²
Property: 50.000.00 m²
Construction: 19. Jahrhundert
Sale price: 1.499.000 Euro
ap. 1.550.500 USD
3 % buyer commission: to be paid by the buyer upon conclusion of the contract
More offers of this category: www.farmkauf.com
For sale in Ostuni farm 2 km from the sea, beautiful 19th century farmhouse with sea view, completely restored. The farmhouse, which develops on two levels for a total area of ​​approximately 600 square meters, is completely fenced and has a garden of approximately 2800 square meters and a citrus plant of about 700 square meters. at the farm there are 5 hectares of olive groves with more than 200 ultra-aged trees and almonds. The structure has a number of rooms with starwheels and carriageways, with a small depandance, garage and storage on the ground floor, while the noble floor consists of a large living room with sea view, a study, a kitchen, two bathrooms one of which is one of two double bedrooms, and a laundry room. The bedrooms have a beautiful view of the White City while the studio and the living room look out over the olive trees and the wonderful sea of ​​Ostuni. The whole structure rests on an ancient 1700s perfectly preserved and accessible hypogeum crushed by a 1400th hypogeum crusher. The architectural and architectural charm of the structure makes it a unique piece of our territory. The property is equipped with autonomous heating, alarm system, Imhoff pit, wood-burning oven and numerous tanks that ensure adequate water independence.
The farmhouse is ideal for both private style and charming hotel activities.
Energy pass:
nergy efficiency class G: albergo sul mare con struttura polimorfa ed eterogenea e diverse classi energetiche Classe energetica è inferiore a G (>160Kwh/mq/anno), anno di costruzione 2010
Italy Beautiful 19th century farmhouse | EfG 1548-IDD: Please ask for this offer if you have the purchase price. Thank you very much!

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Financing: Switzerland and Europe as a rule the banks require 40 - 50 % equity capital when financing a commercial property, hotel or farm. Energy plants are financed with less equity capital. In Australia, South Africa, the Caribbean and South America there is no financing without a residence permit.
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Your request for this offer in Apulia - EfG 1548-IDD - 72015 Ostuni, Italy Order: Your inquiry for real estate or energy plant means placing an order for the delivery of a non-binding and free exposé. At the same time, our general terms and conditions are recognised. No prepayment, buyer's commission only due and payable upon conclusion of a legal transaction (purchase, lease, rent, exchange, installment purchase - temporary pension - hire purchase, company purchase - share deal). In some countries you buy commission-free.

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The offer was last updated on November 29, 2022

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