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Hotel/Pousada directly on the sea - 13143.2

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City - Town:

62674000 Pecem



Region: Nordest
Country: Brazil   Infos Property purchase
Property: 5.950.00 m²
Construction: 1988
Sale price: 3.710.000 BRL
ap. 720.600 USD
Buyer does not pay any Commission!
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Direktauftrag vom Eigentümer
It is worth mentioning that the pousada is the closest to the beach in the entire region, which is a great attraction for the tourist public. In addition, the pousada is located in an area of great national industrial strength, with the port complex of Pecém, steel mills, thermoelectrics, metallurgy and other large companies operating in the region, making it a business that reaches both public tourism and businesses.
The hotel was built in 1988 and inaugurated in 1989. It has thirty-four (34) years of experience in the market and is a reference in the local scene for its great experience and quality.
Our main building is divided into several blocks, including: Administration and Reception, a one-story building, restaurant with kitchen and pantry, laundry, three storage rooms, two parking lots, a bar, a game room, a block of three large chalets and two more units on the second floor of the restaurant.

The main structure consists of fourteen (14) units, including apartments, chalets, apartments and suites with the possibility of expansion. The entire structure of the inn / restaurant is facing the beach, with about fifty meters from the sea.
The administrative and reception building has a large reception, 2 offices, 2 bathrooms and a storage room. The single-story building has 8 apartments, an apartment and a depot and has the possibility to expand its units. The building has a view of the swimming pool, the reception on the left and the sea on the right.
The restaurant has a large lounge, living room with TV, office, kitchen with two rooms and a structure for cold storage and pantry. The restaurant is adjacent to the pool and on the other side to an internal parking lot.
Our laundry has two benches and a large closet for storage of the material and is located at the back of the restaurant.
The storage rooms are distributed throughout the structure, one of them next to the internal parking lot, one next to the bar and another between the apartments.
The structure in general has two parking spaces, one external and one internal, with capacity for up to fifteen (15) cars.
The bar with grill has a structure for small gatherings and is located in front of the pool.
The games room with snooker, table tennis and darts games is located next to the bar and opposite the pool.
The chalet block consists of 3 units, all of which have large L-shaped balconies with fronts facing the beach accesses.
We also have two additional suites on the second floor of the restaurant, both with sea views.
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Brazil Hotel/Pousada directly on the sea - 13143.2
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The offer was last updated on July 24, 2024

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