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Solar park 135 MWp - PCh-RO-PV135

Exposé number:


City - Town:

010011 Bucharest



Country: Romania
Property: 1.442.500.00 m²
Sale price: 135.000 Euro
ap. 145.900 USD
lease: 1.500 Euro
ap. 1.620 USD
EUR 135000 / MWp, rent per ha/year
Romania: Solar park 135 MWp RTB
Optional: TurnKey
Lease: 30 years + 10 years - EUR 1,500 /ha /year
Commission: EUR 9,500 / MWp
The offer was last updated on May 23, 2024

  1. https://www.efg-immo.com/portal/objekt.1104781.int.html
Preis:135000 Der Artikel ist auf Lager
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