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Paraguay Kauf Chaco 12.250 Hektar Estancia Paraguay Kauf Chaco 12.250 Hektar Estancia Paraguay Kauf Chaco 12.250 Hektar Estancia QR-Code Chaco 12.250 Hektar Estancia Farm - 1138303-PJU

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Chaco 12.250 hectares Estancia Farm - 1138303-PJU

Exposé number:


City - Town:

9000 Fuerte Olimpo


Alto Paraguay

Region: Occidental
Country: Paraguay   Infos Property purchase
Property: 122.500.000.00 m²
Sale price: 12.500.000 USD
Buyer does not pay any Commission!
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South America - Paraguay - Chaco - Department alto Paraguay - Fuerte Olimpo
Our Paraguay real estate offer - Chaco 12.250 hectares Estancia Farm for sale commission-free for you as a buyer!
The property has an approved judicial survey, a utilization plan and a permit from the Ministry of Seam and Information to clear 4,500 hectares (with a license extension, a further 2,000 hectares could be applied for, which corresponds to a total area of 7,000).
Hectares: of which 2,000 hectares have already been cleared, 1,000 hectares currently need to be reclaimed and 1,000 hectares have been reclaimed where Tanzania, Mombasa and Gatton Panic seeds have been sown. Divided into parts of 50 hectares each, a total of 50 parts, each with its watering holes, additional paths, 8 tajamares of 10,000 m³. Airstrip, chorale and scales for livestock of 1200 kilos. Power supply from the Ande and auxiliary generator engine, shed, staff house and a building for the manager. It also has 3000 acres of natural landscape with clove grass, all planted in 300-pads per acre.
The perimeter wires are 5-wire cabling with quebracho posts every 6 meters. The internal wires and lanes consist of 4 wires with posts every 6 meters. The property is registered in the land registry.
This farm is suitable for growing corn, cotton, soybeans and also livestock, so it is very versatile. There are plenty of grass plantations on the field for feeding livestock.
Property Viewing:
Paraguay Chaco 12.250 hectares Estancia Farm - 1138303-PJU
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The offer was last updated on July 22, 2024

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