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EfG Exposé 11796-NI

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2 hydroelectric power plants on grid | EfG 11796-Ni

EfG Exposé:

EfG 11796-NI

City - Town: 440000 Satu Mare
Judet: Satu Mare
Region: Nord-Vest
Country: Romania
Construction: 2015
Sale price: 3.760.000 Euro negotiable
ap. 4.170.600 USD
5 % buyer commission: to be paid by the buyer upon conclusion of the contract
More offers of this category: rumaenien.farmkauf.com
2 hydroelectric power plants on grid
Hydro Power Plant Nr.1:
Gross Head: 38m
Water Flow: 1.9cm/s
Penstock: Hobas Fiberglass DN 1100mm, 1.3km length
Turbina: Banki, Cink, Cz.
Power Capacity: 513 kW
3 Green Certificates / MWh of energy produced until 22.01.2029

Energy Production #1
2015: 1191 MWh
2016: 1235 MWh

HydroPower Plant Nr.2:
Gross Head: 145m
Water Flow: 1.15cm/s
Penstock: Metal 10mm thikness, DN 800mm, 3km length
Turbina: Banki, Resita, Ro.
Power Capacity: 1073 kW
2.3 Green Certificates / MWh of energy produced until 01.07.2029

Energy Production #2
2015: 2240 MWh
2016: 2377 MWh
Services in Romania
- EfG local partner
- Communication de, en, ro
- Direct contact with owners
- Property Viewing
- Purchase price negotiations
- Purchase via notary
Energy pass:
There is no obligation!
Interested parties are requested to confirm their ability to finance the purchase of this business.

Offers: All figures are subject to change without obligation or liability. They are based on the seller's information and may be inspected. Subject to prior sale. Offers are given in local currency or U.S. dollars and vary depending on the course. In all specified additional Euro an approximate price. Acquisition in the local currency, U.S. dollars or Euros.

Discretion: EfG offers are only intended for interested parties and to third parties (brokers etc) are not passed on. Exception of bank or professional advisor. If the unauthorized disclosure a legal transaction is concluded, the prospective failure of the commission has to pay damages to EfG.

Previous knowledge: It was, to find the same offer before EfG already offered elsewhere, then this is within 3 days written notice with proof. For failure is the plea of prior knowledge and it is impossible to EfG commission obligation in the event of a transaction. Foreknowledge applies only to offers from third parties that are longer than 6 months from the date of the offer of agency back.

Mission: The start of negotiations into a contract, while also recognizing the terms and conditions. The contract for staff from EfG transaction is immediately notified in writing.

Commission: Payable upon conclusion of the contract purchase, lease, rent, share deal etc.

Commission rate: is indicated per offer / contract information and adapted to country-specific. In some countries, free of commission.

Various: agreements and assurances, which differ from the terms must be in writing. Of performance and jurisdiction is the EfG seat. The inadmissibility of any provision shall not affect the validity of the remainder. In place of ineffective regulations may connect legal regulations. EfG is also for the seller as a broker / consultant with or without pay.

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