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Click on image to enlarge! Estancia 6.047 Hektar RinderfarmEstancia 6.047 Hektar Rinderfarm Print exposé
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Estancia 6.047 Hektar Rinderfarm Estancia 6.047 Hektar Rinderfarm Estancia 6.047 Hektar Rinderfarm Estancia 6.047 Hektar Rinderfarm QR-Code Kaufe Estancia 6.047 ha Rinderfarm - EfG 03-PDG

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For sale 6,047 hectares of cattle farm | EfG 03-PDG

EfG Exposé:

EfG 03-PDG

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8900 Yby Yau



Country: Paraguay   Infos Property purchase
Property: 60.470.000.00 m²
Sale price: 18.900.000 USD negotiable
Buyer does not pay any Commission!
More offers of this category: www.farmkauf.com
Real Estate Paraguay 6,047 hectares of cattle farm for sale
6047 ha cattle farm in full operation. Hard to find a farm in Paraguay in such perfect shape. There is no loose whire in the fances nighter a broken log in the corral (roundup). Termits are compleetly under control. Al pasture-land are perfectly mechanized with no woods nighter scrubs.
200.000 l water reservatory feeded by natural spring works a net of tubes and drinking places just by gravitation.
Peacfull and professional team of farmhands. Administrator available.
All neigbors are big farms. No cattle steeling ever.
Additionally, the farm is a jewel of landscape and well preserved nature.
15 km all year dirt-road to reach asphalt road.
Stone quarry on the property.
Several neighbors at the same altitude are running lately agriculture with weed, corn, soybean etc with good results.
Calculation of rent ability can be shown.
With little improvement stock of cattle can be roused to - or over 6000.
Unchangeable price: 21.800.000 USD
This price includes:
•all taxes and transfer-costs
•6047 has of with are 2500 has are cultivated pasture
•1 tractor Ford 7810
•1 Tractor Ford 4600
•variety of agriculture-machines
•1823 cows
•1274 calfs
•794 cows before first calf
•74 bulls
•horses and sheeps
Our service in Paraguay:
- local partner
- Contact the seller
- Visit real estate
- Purchase support
- Communication in German, English, Spanish and Guarani
Please ask for this offer if you have the purchase price or a financing. Thank you very much!

Offer Inquiry: EfG is obliged to provide evidence to the seller, therefore only inquiries with complete address will be processed.

Purchase and lease price: Prices are subject to change without notice.

Inspection: Inspection dates will only be arranged via EfG. You are also welcome to visit on weekends.

Additional purchase costs: Land transfer tax does not apply to company purchases - share deal. Notary and/or lawyer, registration fees and commission real estate agent. No commission for commission free. Commissions and purchase prices are negotiable within reasonable limits. Incidental purchase costs are different in each country.

Financing: Switzerland and Europe as a rule the banks require 40 - 50 % equity capital when financing a commercial property, hotel or farm. Energy plants are financed with less equity capital. In Australia, South Africa, the Caribbean and South America there is no financing without a residence permit.
Data protection:
Data protection: Your data will be treated discreetly by EfG and passed on to the parties involved, e.g. sellers, in the course of your enquiry. For your security: Our website, contact form and e-mails are ssl - verified, encrypted. EfG privacy policy with data storage.

Copyright: Images, data and descriptions have been provided to EfG by the owner or local partner for marketing purposes. The latter has confirmed to EfG the unrestricted use for marketing purposes. No names or addresses etc. will be published for reasons of discretion, data protection and the obligation to provide evidence against the seller. EfG copyright.

Google Maps: EfG uses Google Maps to create the maps. These are created according to the location with geo data. Due to data protection and discretion, no exact locations are displayed. Interested parties can see an approximate location on the map.

Note - Terms:
Order: Your inquiry for real estate or energy plant means placing an order for the delivery of a non-binding and free exposé. At the same time, our general terms and conditions are recognised. No prepayment, buyer's commission only due and payable upon conclusion of a legal transaction (purchase, lease, rent, exchange, installment purchase - temporary pension - hire purchase, company purchase - share deal). In some countries you buy commission-free.

Offers: All details are subject to change without notice, without guarantee and are based on the seller's details and must be verified. Subject to prior sale. Purchase in the respective local currency or, if desired, in CHF or Euro from the seller.

Passing on: EfG offers are intended only for the prospective customer, buyer - tenant - tenant, and may not be passed on to third parties (e.g. brokers). Exception: bank or personal advisor. An unauthorized passing on triggers recourse.

Previous knowledge: If the interested party, buyer, has already been offered the same offer elsewhere before the EfG offer, this must be notified in writing within 3 days with proof.

Buyer commission for commission-free!
Commission is named in each offer and adapted country-specifically. In some countries you buy commission without buyer, these offers are marked with commission-free. Buyer's commission is payable if a legal transaction of any kind, time or condition with EfG sellers or their network partners has taken place through proof or mediation. The agreed buyer's commission is calculated from the purchase price achieved and also applies to the following purchase variants:
a. Purchase company (share deal) instead of asset deal.
b. Purchase by instalments, participation, compulsory auction, through third parties, etc.
c. Purchase of other property of the seller than offered in succession. Lease instead of purchase, commission 3 months lease.
d. Purchase is made jointly with EfG network partners at home and abroad.
e. Legal transactions within 3 years, start of period date of EfG offer.
Various: Agreements and assurances, which deviate from the AGB, require the written form. Note on dual activity: EfG is also active for sellers as a broker or consultant with or without remuneration.

Detailed information: Buyer GTC and EfG service for buyers

EU right of withdrawal: Only applies to private buyers - consumers from and in the EU! You have the right to revoke your inquiry as well as our offer, which means a contract explanation, within 14 days without indication of reasons. The period begins on the day of the contract declaration. The timely dispatch of the revocation to EfG Existenzmakler by mail, fax or telephone is sufficient to meet the deadline. Right of Withdrawal Form.

The author, EfG Existenzmakler GmbH, assumes no liability whatsoever with regard to the accuracy, reliability, up-to-dateness and completeness of the information. Liability claims against the author for material or immaterial damage resulting from access to or use or non-use of the published information, from misuse of the connection or from technical faults are excluded. All offers are non-binding. The author expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the pages or the entire offer without prior notice or to discontinue publication temporarily or permanently.

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