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Patagonia House with 8 hectares | EfG 13126-K

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4920000 Pucon


IX. Region - Región de la Araucanía

Country: Chile   Infos Property purchase
Living Area: 110 m²
Property: 80.000.00 m²
Construction: 2015
Sale price: 290.000 Euro
ap. 310.300 USD
Buyer does not pay any Commission!
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Direct Agreement with Owner
The idyllic 8-hectare estate is located in the Andes Cordillera of the southern Chilean main tourist region around Pucón/ Curarrehue. From the residence as well as from almost every point of the estate, one has a magnificent panoramic view directly onto the almost year-round snow-covered Sollipulli volcanic landscape, which is filled with a 600 meters thick growing glacier.
The year-round drivable road between Curarrehue and Cunco, where the property is located, is part of the “Ruta interlagos” (S75) road system that connects Lakes Colico, Carburgua, Villarrica, Calafquén, Ranco, Puyehue, Rupanco, Llanquihue y Todos Los Santos.
Nearby are the Huerquehue National Park and the Villarrica National Park Reserve, which offer beautiful scenery and a wealth of nature for hiking and horseback riding. The close by lagoons “Isolde”, “Huesquefilo” and “Cochor” with their clear water, entice you to go swimming in the summer.
In the thermal baths "Rio blanco” and “San Sebastián”, romantically situated in the middle of the Cordillera, only 15 km away and also usable at night by arrangement, you can lie down in the warm water and relax after a day of work or an excursion.
Only about 15 km away, there is a frontier crossing to Argentina, which can be used e.g. for horseback riding trips to the neighboring country.
The climate is not as harsh as at similar altitudes in the Alps, but with large temperature variations between day and night. On sunny winter days, for example, you can go outside with a T-shirt, but the temperatures at night are then around -10 °C.
A well-functioning infrastructure with schools, hospital and doctors, airport, supermarket, restaurants, theater, cinema, casino etc. can be found only in Pucon (78 km away) or Curarrehue (50 km away). In Reigolil, 8 km away, there is a compared to Chilean standards, good state school, which includes the first to eighth grade, which, however, does not necessarily meet European standards.
This property is very suitable for families with children oriented to homeschooling. Chile is in itself ideal for homeschooling, as this possibility is regulated by law since 2002.
Chile Patagonia property for sale: 8 hectares of land, house, 1.5 km of riverbank with 4 waterfalls and 3 water sources.
The estate, surrounded by glacial rivers for about 1.5 km, is located in the southern Chilean Cordillera at an altitude between in the west 1,100 m a.s.l. and in the east 1,000 m a.s.l. A paradise for nature lovers, anglers or even for those who want to practice trout farming!
The overall tendency of the property is sloping, but with flat areas. Thus, there are 4 beautiful waterfalls between approx. 2 and 5 m in height, the sound of which can also be heard in the house and which invite you to take a natural shower in the morning or a bath under the waterfall.
On the estate so far, three own springs with clear, wonderfully tasting mountain water were discovered, one directly beside the house.
Directly at the riverside you can find ancient, gigantic Andes firs (Araucaria) and southern beech trees (Coihues), under whose immense shade you can listen to the murmur of the waterfalls. The whole property is forested, especially with Antarctic Beech (Ñirre), which is joined everywhere by small Andes Firs between 0.5 and 3 m high, a new growth that has been deliberately supported over the last few years. In between grow the Chilean fire bush (Notro), mountain carnations (Clavel de Cordillera), whose flower reminds of the gerbera, orchids (Orquídea porcelana), wild amarillis and many more.
Here, on the smallest area, you can observe the Chilean wildlife pure. With a little patience, you can see a cute marsupial like in Australia, the Chiloe marsupial (Monito del Monte) with its big eyes and fuzzy tail, the Pudu, the smallest deer in the world or the Chilean kingfisher (Martín Pescador). Condors in the sky. And for the very brave, the puma roams by in the winter night.
The wooded areas alternate with open flat areas that can be used for agricultural and horticultural production with appropriate methods (terraces, mounds and raised beds, humus culture, greenhouses, etc.). The wooded areas can be considered for forest pasture for horses, cattle, or sheep.
The property is continuously sunny due to the north orientation and at the same time is located in a kind of depression between high mountain ranges, which provide protection against harsh mountain winds.
Direct neighbors are a group of US-Americans with a property of about 500 ha. as well as a young family working in the field of permaculture consulting.
In conclusion, it can be said that
- this property is ideal for tourist activities such as bed & breakfast, camping, horseback riding and hiking tours due to its location and natural conditions. Very interesting in this context would certainly be to take up the Japanese idea of "forest bathing" in a virtually uncontaminated place (air, water) and has mountain climate.
- This location is by the presence of Internet and cell phone reception perfectly suitable for home office or simply for families or couples who want to withdraw from the everyday hustle and bustle, they “just have to function”, and find space, peace, silence, and relaxation. Spectacular sun and moonrises and sunsets, as well as the infinitely wide and clear starry sky typical for Chile or the cloud formations over the Sollipulli, reminiscent of UFOS, can be observed and enjoyed directly from the house: What a life gain! Cinema live!
- For dropouts from the "system" of the just crisis-ridden "cold" Europe there is a quite good possibility for the construction of a small self-supporting farm due to the natural agricultural and forestry location and climate conditions and the existing buildings. Water and wood are available in virtually unlimited supply (for one family).
- The lower (eastern) part of the property could be used for fish farming (e.g. trout).
- Due to the shape of the property, about ½ to ¾ of the property could easily be divided into the usual 5,000 m² parcels for Chile and resold. Each parcel would have direct access to the main road and sunny north exposure with panoramic views of the Sollipulli and river access.
Two-story country house in typical Chilean wooden construction with a living area of 110 m², expandable to about 170 m² by using the 2nd floor.
On the ground floor there is an American kitchen directly connected to the living room as well as bathroom/toilet, 3 bedrooms, pantry and a larger room with separate entrance which could be used as an extra bedroom, leisure or fitness room or for other purposes. From this extra room, as well as from one of the bedrooms and from the large kitchen window, one has a breathtaking view of the snow-covered Sollipulli volcanic landscape, which appears in ever-changing color variations according to the position of the sun or the moon, together with the cloud formations.
In the separate entrance area, a staircase can be used to reach the second floor. The adjoining pantry there could be converted into a bathroom if, for example, one wants to develop the 2nd floor with 3-4 rooms for B&B.
All floors on the first floor are tiled.
The house is very well insulated and thus in the winter, together with the wood heating, cozy and warm. In summer, on the other hand, despite the strong sunlight for this altitude, the insulation results in a pleasant indoor climate.
The heating of the house, the cooking, and baking, as well as the hot water, are mainly done by firewood, of which there is more than enough on the estate.
Electric power is provided by a Turgo water turbine (from the USA) with generator (designed for 6 KW, but currently only about 1/3 used). The water right for the turbine has been acquired and enrolled.
At present, the drinking water comes from the glacier river. Who likes, can enclose the spring at the house and use spring water.
Internet and cell phone reception are excellent.
There is plenty of outbuildings: stable building that can also be converted to a shed or workshop if needed, 20-foot container, carport and a large woodshed.
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The offer was last updated on September 8, 2023

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