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What are the buying costs in Latvia?

Incidental costs of agricultural real estate acquisition in Latvia:

Real estate transfer tax: 2% of the purchase price

Notary fees: about 0.4 to 0.5. % of the purchase price
include preparation of purchase contract and certification, reservation in the land register, land registration
Fees about 400 euros incl. 21% VAT.

Opening business account: about 300 euros

Establishment of escrow account at bank: approx. 2000 Euro, depending on the amount of the amount. This is recommended for purchase of agricultural real estate for security, up to the land registration

Latvia new real estate offers farmland and forest for sale 07.06.2021

Since the offers in Latvia are currently selling very fast, below you will find a list of the current offers.

1. Laudona, Madona district (78.14 Ha) agricultural land and forest (of which forest 17.43 Ha
Purchase price: 210,000.00 EURO (2,687.48 EURO/Ha)

2. Sarkani, Madona district (99 Ha) agricultural land purchase price reduction
Purchase price: 225,000.00 EURO (2,272.73 EURO/Ha) 2050.00 EURO/Ha - 202,950.00 EURO

3. Sauleskalni, Balvi district (99,23 Ha) agricultural land
Purchase price: 170,000.00 EURO (1,713.20 EURO/Ha)

4. Grisli, Vilaka district (64.5 Ha) agricultural land, partly overgrown
Purchase price: 120,000.00 EURO (1,860.50 EURO/Ha)

5. laukroze, district Zilupe (187,74 Ha) agricultural area and forest (72,17 Ha forest)
Purchase price: 465,000.00 EURO (2500.00 EURO/Ha) Reserved

6. Kakisa Lake, 300 meters of shore (26.7 Ha) building land
Purchase price: 410,000.00 EURO

7. "Druvas", Edole district (505,3 Ha)
Purchase price: 2,000,000.00 EURO (3,958.00 EURO/Ha) Reserved

8. "Ozolpils", Tukums district (155.6 Ha) agricultural land, arable land, 40-45 soil points
Purchase price: 1,011,400 EURO (6,500.00 EURO/Ha) including building

9. "CMC Jekabpils", Jekabpils district (2222,09 Ha) arable land, of which 1900 Ha cultivated, 40 soil points
Purchase price: 12.400.000,00 EURO

10. pig farm "Ozolaji", district Aizpute (986,06 Ha) arable land, of which cultivated 849,35 Ha
Purchase price: 4,500,000.00 EURO

11. arable land in the best location with very good soil points (45-50), Tukums district (267,43 Ha)
Purchase price: 2,673,000.00 EURO (10,000.00 EURO/hectare)

12. agricultural land "OŠUBIRZS" on the shore of Lubana lake (35,0 Ha), district Lubana
Registered for agricultural subsidies with a bonus of 6000,00 EURO/year
Purchase price: 77,000.00 EURO

13. agricultural land (146,36 Ha) "Sudrabi" Litene, Gulbene district
Registered for agricultural subsidies (6,000 EURO per year)
Purchase price: 545,000.00 EURO Reserved

14. forest plot "Ievlici" (79,5 Ha), Madona district
Purchase price: 300,000.00 EURO

15. arable land, Kurland (346 Ha), Skrunda district, 38-45 soil points
Purchase price: 1,800,000.00 EURO Sold

16. arable land (397 Ha), Malpils district, 45 soil points 84 hectares of forest, 18 hectares of grassland
Purchase price: 2,000,000.00 EURO

17. arable land (744 Ha), Valmiera district, 42 soil points 64 hectares of forest
Purchase price: 5.000.000,00 EURO

18. arable land (394 Ha), Koceni, Valmiera district, 43-45 soil points 63 hectares of forest, 22 hectares of grassland
Purchase price: 2.167.000,00 EURO

19. arable land (23.09 Ha), district Iecava Transformed, Drained area in cultivation
Purchase price: 160,000.00 EURO

More information about the offers you can get on request. EU subsidies can only be applied for by farmers.

Ranch in Vidzeme

Vidzeme farm 195 hectares for sale | EfG 13088-LAZ New! Vidzeme farm 195 hectares for sale | EfG 13088-LAZ
LV-4884 Vidzeme
Sale price 1.000.000 Euro negotiable
ap. 1.186.100 USD

Agriculture Farmland for sale in Jelgava

Zemgale region 97 ha of arable land | EfG 12905-OE Zemgale region 97 ha of arable land | EfG 12905-OE
3001 Jelgava
Sale price 600.000 Euro negotiable
ap. 711.700 USD

Agriculture Farmland for sale in Jakobstadt

Jakobstadt 353 hectares for sale | EfG 12926-2-S Jakobstadt 353 hectares for sale | EfG 12926-2-S
LV-5201 Jakobstadt
Sale price 1.273.680 Euro negotiable
ap. 1.510.700 USD

House for sale in Bauska

Bauske 2 houses for sale  | EfG 12046-S Bauske 2 houses for sale | EfG 12046-S
LV-3901 Bauska
Sale price 150.000 Euro negotiable
ap. 177.900 USD

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Our offer in Latvia: Arable land and farms for sale.

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