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Bahía Canavieiras Property house for sale | EfG 11731-K

EfG Exposé: 11731-K
City - Town: 45860-000 Canavieiras
State: Bahia
Region: Nordeste
Country: Brazil   Infos Property purchase - migration
Living private: 200 m²
Surface: 200 m²
Property: 650.00 m²
Rooms: 5.0
Sale price: 160.000 Euro negotiable
ap. 187.400 USD
No commission for the buyer!
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Directly from owner
Brazil Bahía Canavieiras Property nice house for sale.
The house is located in the historical center of Canavieiras. It is built in the colonial style. The house is freestanding and surrounded by a wall. There is a covered car parking area.
Plot size is approx. 650 m², living area approx. 200 m². It is connected to the municipal water supply and sewer system.
There is a beautifully landscaped garden with many flowering plants, coconut trees, fruit trees and a large terrace with facilities for an outside kitchen. A separate building serves as a storage room for garden tools, tools, etc. There is a day toilet and an outdoor shower.
The ground floor is completely tiled and an open living room, a room with about 20 square meters, as well as an open space leading to the stairs and the kitchen. The spacious kitchen has a gas oven, dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, coffee machine etc, and a lot of storage space. All the work surfaces are made of granite.
In the upper floor is the newly furnished bathroom (sink, toilet and open shower), two bedrooms and another room which is currently used as a walk in closet. The size of the rooms is about 10 square meters each. There is a balcony the overlooks the street. The house was built in the early 1900s. The walls are very thick and very well insulated. The roof was rebuilt 8 years ago. Since then the house has been completely renovated (floor tiles, power, windows and doors, other as necessary).
The house is sold with complete kitchen equipment and all furniture as well as a dune buggy (documents available, restored).
Canavieiras is a historic old town in the colonial style with a harbor by the river. There is a 17 km long island (Atalaia) with a beautiful palm-groomed sand beach.
The summer is pleasant with 28 °C to max. 32 °C. By the sea is usually a light breeze, also the "winter" is very pleasant. The average annual temperature is 27 °C.
Here you can go surfing, kiting, horseback riding, boating, beach walks, kayaking, fishing, deep sea fishing, flora and fauna tours, party boat hire, beachball, coconut and water fresh juices.
Canavieiras has a private and a public hospital, private and public schools, dentists, massage salons, gas stations, supermarkets, boutiques, restaurants, a small airfield for sports aircraft, etc.
All documents are available. An English-language purchase process (authorities, etc.) is possible.
Offers: All figures are subject to change without obligation or liability. They are based on the seller's information and may be inspected. Subject to prior sale. Offers are given in local currency or U.S. dollars and vary depending on the course. In all specified additional Euro an approximate price. Acquisition in the local currency, U.S. dollars or Euros.
Discretion: EfG offers are only intended for interested parties and to third parties (brokers etc) are not passed on. Exception of bank or professional advisor. If the unauthorized disclosure a legal transaction is concluded, the prospective failure of the commission has to pay damages to EfG.
Previous knowledge: It was, to find the same offer before EfG already offered elsewhere, then this is within 3 days written notice with proof. For failure is the plea of prior knowledge and it is impossible to EfG commission obligation in the event of a transaction. Foreknowledge applies only to offers from third parties that are longer than 6 months from the date of the offer of agency back.
Mission: The start of negotiations into a contract, while also recognizing the terms and conditions. The contract for staff from EfG transaction is immediately notified in writing.
Commission: Payable upon conclusion of the contract purchase, lease, rent, share deal etc.
Commission rate: is indicated per offer / contract information and adapted to country-specific. In some countries, free of commission.
Various: agreements and assurances, which differ from the terms must be in writing. Of performance and jurisdiction is the EfG seat. The inadmissibility of any provision shall not affect the validity of the remainder. In place of ineffective regulations may connect legal regulations. EfG is also for the seller as a broker / consultant with or without pay.

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