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Amazonas raw material mine 1535 ha property brick factory

Exposé number:


City - Town:

69470-000 Tefe



Region: Região Norte
Country: Brazil   Infos Property purchase
Property: 15.350.000.00 m²
Price: on request
The large property advertised for sale with an area of 1,535 hectares is located in the Brazilian state of Amazonas on the river of the same name in the city of Tefé. The proximity to the Solimões River, as this section of the Amazon is also called, also enables the transport of goods by water Reduces shipping costs and makes distribution easier. The metropolis of Manaus is a good 36 hours away by boat or an hour's flight away.
The property that is being offered for sale contains a lot of raw materials that can be used as building materials, such as clay and gravel, as well as a brick factory. This location offers easy access to high-quality raw materials and a logistically convenient location for the production of bricks
The infrastructure on this property is well developed. There are 2 wheel loaders, 1 truck for transporting the clay from the mine to the factory (approx. 1 km), 1 2-axle truck and 1 3-axle truck for transporting the bricks into the city to the sales rooms. There is a covered clay store at the factory, a covered brick pressing machine, a large diesel generator in case of frequent power outages, 12 drying lines covered with foil (before firing), and 3 covered kilns. The main house is equipped with an office and there are two separate houses for the workers and a workers' canteen. The cleared paths are used to fetch firewood for the stoves and there is a radio tower for a stable connection.
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Brazil Amazonas raw material mine 1535 ha property brick factory
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The offer was last updated on June 20, 2024

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