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Amazonas fruit farm for sale - LAk-BR-003

Exposé number:


City - Town:

69735000 Presidente Figueiredo



Region: Região Norte
Country: Brazil   Infos Property purchase
Property: 4.790.000.00 m²
Sale price: 495.000 Euro
ap. 535.900 USD
Buyer does not pay any Commission!
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Direktauftrag vom Eigentümer
The farm is located 20 km south of the city of Presidente Figueiredo and 100 km north of the metropolis of Manaus
479 ha of land are for sale. Of this, 8 ha have been cleared and are intended for arable farming (e.g. macaxera, papaya, pumpkin, watermelon) and a further 8 ha are planted with perennial crops (coconut, cupuacu, bananas, pepper).
Workers can live in the farmhouse, which is elevated. A small river flows in the immediate vicinity, which has good water all year round. Due to the deep location of the river, there is no danger of flooding and the water can be directed to the fields by means of an existing pump.
There is also a chicken coop with feeding and drinking stations for up to 2500 chickens.
As the equipment is still available, chicken and egg farming can be restarted at any time. No poultry are currently kept.

Current permanent planting:
» 500 coconut palms (bear in 2 years)
» 500 cupuacu trees (bear fruit in about 2 years)
» 500 pepper plants
» 2800 banana plants

There are also 8 hectares of fields available for planting. The cleared area is currently around 16 hectares or just over 3% of the property. There is a farmhouse, a separate roofed shed with a room for fertilizer and a room for tools. Generator for personal power supply (internet, telephone, TV, light, freezers), water pump that pumps water from the stream to the house and a two-wheeled tractor with trailer.
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Brazil Amazonas fruit farm for sale - LAk-BR-003
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The offer was last updated on July 19, 2024

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