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EfG Exposé 11497-K

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Paraguay Immobilie - Farmkauf - Estancia Paraguay Immobilie - Farmkauf - Estancia Paraguay Immobilie - Farmkauf - Estancia Paraguay Immobilie - Farmkauf - Estancia Paraguay Immobilie - Farmkauf - Estancia Paraguay Immobilie - Farmkauf - Estancia Paraguay Immobilie - Farmkauf - Estancia Paraguay Immobilie - Farmkauf - Estancia Paraguay Immobilie - Farmkauf - Estancia Paraguay Immobilie - Farmkauf - Estancia Paraguay Immobilie - Farmkauf - Estancia Paraguay Immobilie - Farmkauf - Estancia Paraguay Immobilie - Farmkauf - Estancia QR-Code Obligado Farmkauf 500 Hektar Estancia - EfG 11497-K

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Obligado Farm 500 hectares for sale | EfG 11497-K

EfG Exposé:

EfG 11497-K

City - Town:

6360 Obligado



Country: Paraguay   Infos Property purchase
Living Area: 550 m²
Property: m²
Sale price: 7.900.000 Euro negotiable
ap. 8.762.700 USD
Buyer does not pay any Commission!
More offers of this category: www.farmkauf.com
Direct Agreement with Owner
Real Estate Paraguay Property in Obligado Farm with 500 hectares for sale
Luxurious Country House and Farm in the heart of Paraguay, 500 ha (1235.52ac) of fertile ground including a forest, lake, stream and orchard for sale.
Site/ Property: The estate is situated in the heart of Itapua, between La Paz and Pirapo, only 4km (2.49miles) away from Asphalt in the Colonias Unidas, Graneros del Sur. To reach the estate you drive for 3km (1.86miles) on cobblestone roads, and then 1km (0.62miles) through your very own forest on an earth surface road. The land is suited to keep, breed or fatten cattle or sheep. All pastures have plenty of water and areas of shadow. The property has its own well, source of fresh and clear water.
It is an ideal place for stock farmers. The property can hold around 500 animals for breeding and around 1000 animals for fattening/ mast. The almost 200ha (494.21ac) of land are divided into 20 fenced pastures, all providing water and shadow (forest). 150ha (370.65ac) of the property are designed to cultivate soy, corn, wheat, etc.
The surrounding forest makes up another 150ha and is ancient woodland (or old-growth forest), including old-growth Eucalyptus and pine trees, and about 60 Macadamia trees. The property is supplied with fresh water, from 2 deep wells and the well, through a German electricity and water installation system.

Main house/ mansion: Two-storey mansion of 550qm (5920.15sqft) with upscale/ luxurious facilities, built to German quality standards. The basement of the mansion is on ground level and uses the sloped surface to provide easy access to the workshops and garage.
Top Floor: On the top floor is a large bedroom with large, luxurious en-suite bathroom, containing shower, tub and sauna, and an office space.
Middle or 1st Floor: This level is composed of the great open plan living room with its own fireplace and view of the beautiful landscape, as well as 4 large rooms, a fully furbished guest bathroom and a large private bathroom. The wooden designer kitchen – fitted with the newest electric appliances - has a large eating space for 8 people, and the exit to the patio. The 15meter (49.21ft) pool is situated on the large patio and offers a great swimming experience.

Basement: The basement consists of a fully furbished carpenter’s workshop fitted with industrial machinery, as well as a fully furbished metal workshop and garage, both fitted with industrial machinery including lifting platform and pit. All workshops have their individual entrance gates, and naturally 3 phase and high voltage current. Also included is a washing area, and a storage facility fully stocked with building material and tooling equipment/ implements. Furthermore, there is a fully functioning slaughterhouse fitted with all necessary machinery and implements. All rooms are air-conditioned and double insulated, totally dry and in mint condition.

In addition, there are 3 large guest rooms with en-suite bathrooms and external access. All outer doors are made of sturdy, fireproof metal. Furthermore, the mansion has two little towers and a solar plant mounted to its roof, as well as a large garage to hold 2 vehicles, accessible on both sides via 2 gates/ garage doors.

Living Spaces:
1. Approx.120qm (1291.67sqft) fully furbished, residential house made out of stone, with 4 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and large covered patio/ conservatory
2. Approx. 150qm (1614.59sqft) German quality built residential house, 5 rooms, large patio with unique view. The house is to 85% completed.
3. Fully furbished, large, wooden house for employees, 5 rooms, kitchen and bathroom.
4. Small, wooden house for employees, close to the corral, with 3 rooms.
5. 150qm (1614.59sqft) German quality residential house
All houses have electricity and running water.

Subsidiary Buildings / Storage: There are 2 large storage facilities on a fenced, 3ha (7.41ac) site.
1. This storage facility is built of stone and metal sheets, with an earthquake-resistant foundation. The building is 30x35qm (98.43x114.83sqft) and fully insulated. At the moment it is used to store the vehicle fleet.
2. This storage facility is built of wood and has a metal roof. The 20x25qm (65.62x80.02sqft) building is divided into 9 compartments, has 4 wooden sliding gates, and is currently used to store wood.

Subsidiary Buildings/ Animal Housing: The Corral is newly built and fully functioning to process between 500 and 1000 animals daily. The facility is built of precious wood and has a metal roof. It includes a (box to transport animals) loading bay and ramp, as well as scales. Also, there are various extensions on site, such as a sheep pen with an enclosure, a hen house, and a wooden shelter with 3 bays for horses.

Tree Population: About 80 fruit trees are surrounding the housing area providing a natural partition.
Other tree populations of the property are:
Ca. 150qm (1624.59sqft) of timber
Ca. 100 Macadamia trees
A 3.5ha (8.65ac) Eucalyptus plantation, which can be used for selling
An Orchard with ca. 300 fruit trees: pineapple, banana, peach, pear, apple, mandarin, orange, lemon, grapefruit, and many more…
Interested parties are requested to confirm their ability to finance the purchase of this business.

Inquiry: EfG has proof of obligation to the seller, therefore only requests with complete address are processed.

Purchase and lease Price: Prices are subject to change.

Inspection: are only agreed via EfG. Happy also on the weekend.

Offers: All figures are subject to change without obligation or liability. They are based on the seller's information and may be inspected. Subject to prior sale. Offers are given in local currency or U.S. dollars and vary depending on the course. In all specified additional Euro an approximate price. Acquisition in the local currency, U.S. dollars or Euros.

Discretion: EfG offers are only intended for interested parties and to third parties (brokers etc) are not passed on. Exception of bank or professional advisor. If the unauthorized disclosure a legal transaction is concluded, the prospective failure of the commission has to pay damages to EfG.

Previous knowledge: It was, to find the same offer before EfG already offered elsewhere, then this is within 3 days written notice with proof. For failure is the plea of prior knowledge and it is impossible to EfG commission obligation in the event of a transaction. Foreknowledge applies only to offers from third parties that are longer than 6 months from the date of the offer of agency back.

Mission: The start of negotiations into a contract, while also recognizing the terms and conditions. The contract for staff from EfG transaction is immediately notified in writing.

Commission: Payable upon conclusion of the contract purchase, lease, rent, share deal etc.

Commission rate: is indicated per offer / contract information and adapted to country-specific. In some countries, free of commission.

Various: agreements and assurances, which differ from the terms must be in writing. Of performance and jurisdiction is the EfG seat. The inadmissibility of any provision shall not affect the validity of the remainder. In place of ineffective regulations may connect legal regulations. EfG is also for the seller as a broker / consultant with or without pay.

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