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EfG Existenzmakler: Since 2006, we are selling real estate in Chile. In 2006, we were the first broker in Germany with real estate in Chile.

An oasis in the Atacama Desert - bravo-001VideoAn oasis in the Atacama Desert - bravo-0011131468 Tiliviche ChileCommission free Commission freePrice
2.429.900 USD
Climate: Chile is located in South America and the southern hemisphere. That is why the four seasons are against the European seasons. The cold Humboldt current from the South Pacific and the high eastern cordillera strongly influence the climate. In Chile there are all climate zones except the tropics.

Population of Chile: Approximately 16,500,000, of which about 8,000,000 live in the large area of Santiago / Valparaíso. 95% of European descent.

Government: Democracy.

Language: Spanish.

Currency Chile: Chil. Peso - CLP.

VAT in Chile: 19 %.

Visa for Chile: Europeans do not need a visa. Upon entry free of charge tourist card, entitling to stay up to 90 days. The length of stay can be extended in the country.

German schools in Chile: There are German schools in Chile in Arica, La Serena, Viña del Mar, San Felipe, Santiago, Chillán, Los Angeles, Temuco, Villarica, Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt, Frutillar, Purranque and Punta Arenas. The new school year begins in February. Schools with German Abitur in Santiago, Concepcion, Puerto Montt and Temuco.

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Cost of living in Chile: Chile is not a "cheap country". The average cost of living is comparable to that in Germany.

Safety: Chile has a legitimate reputation to be the safest country in South America.

RUT-number (Rol Unico Tributario, a kind of tax and personnel number): this is requested in S.I.I. (Servicios de Impuestos Internos, roughly equivalent to the Finanzamt in Germany). Branches of this authority exist in any major place. These are usually obtained immediately, and they also cost nothing. Without "RUT" you can do almost no business in Chile.

Guanaqueros Well established vacation home -13144-DGuanaqueros Well established vacation home -13144-D1783488 Guanaqueros ChileCommission free Commission freePrice
350.000 EUR
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Property purchase in Chile: The acquisition of real estate in Chile is easily possible for foreigners. Foreigners who want to buy can transfer the funds to Chile on the usual banking route. If you want to secure the transfer back after a possible sale, you should declare the foreign exchange import with the Chilean central bank, the height is unlimited. The purchase contract is usually set up by a lawyer, notarized and then entered in the land register.

Purchase costs for real estate in Chile:

Notary: negotiated and is less than 1%

Registration in land register: minimal cost

Basic purchase tax at 1.5% of the purchase price

Broker provision 3%

Capital and income tax: None

Real Estate for sale in Chile

  1. Chile Guanaqueros Well established vacation home -13144-D
  2. Chile An oasis in the Atacama Desert - bravo-001
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