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Turkey: The country borders the Black Sea to the northeast, the Mediterranean Sea to the south and the Aegean Sea to the west. The Pontic mountain range in the north and the Taurus mountain range in the south enclose the central plateau of Anatolia and then merge into the vast mountainous area in the east of the country. This is where the Euphrates and Tigris rivers rise.

Population of Turkey: The population of Turkey is about 84 million on an area of 783,562 km² (as of 2022).

Value added tax Turkey: 18%

Language: The official language is Turkish. In the southeast of Turkey Kurdish is partly spoken, partly Arabic, Greek and Armenian. In cities and tourist resorts, German is often spoken, as well as English and French.

Climate in Turkey: Turkey is characterized by several climate zones. Throughout the Aegean Sea and the Turkish Riviera, the typical Mediterranean climate prevails. Summers are hot and dry, but fortunately are cooled slightly by a steady sea breeze. The winters have for the Central European rather a spring character, they are sometimes a little rainy, but usually not very cold. Ideal time of stay: The Turkish Aegean is ideal for a beach vacation, because it offers a pleasant bathing climate all year round, with the exception of the winter months. For an active vacation, on the other hand, the months of July and August are almost too hot and every activity becomes a sweaty experience. The ideal time for all facets of a successful stay are spring and autumn. The region around the Black Sea has a mild, pleasant climate all year round.

Turkey real estate for sale properties

Buying real estate in Turkey: Although real estate prices have risen in many places in recent years, vacation homes or apartments are still comparatively inexpensive. For the price of an average German new building row house there are already luxury properties directly at the sea in Turkey. Beside the favorable real estate prices speaks for Turkey also that it is a very sunny country and culturally some has to offer. Who wants to spend in its Turkish real estate not only the vacations, but these as a permanent or age domicile hold, profits in addition from the low cost of living and the favorable exchange rate.

Information on the purchase procedure: If you have decided to buy a property in Turkey, a contract of sale is concluded. In this contract all details about the buyer, seller, the property, purchase price, payment terms and other agreements are recorded. When concluding the purchase contract, a deposit is to be paid, which may vary from property to property.

The necessary documents must be submitted to the local land registry office (and not to the notary).

At this time, the real estate transfer taxes and fees must be paid. The entire purchase process usually takes one working week.

Turkish law requires that a sworn interpreter be present at the land registry transfer to translate all the details of the land registry and answer any questions you may have. The preparation of a valuation report is also required.

The total ancillary purchase costs currently amount to approx. 10% of the purchase price.

Immediately after the transfer at the land registry office, you will receive the official land register sheet (Tapu) in your name and are thus the legal owner of your property in Turkey.

The following documents are required from you for a real estate purchase in Turkey:

- 2 recent passport photos
- 2 passport copies (the passport must be valid)
- a proof of the current address in the homeland
- if necessary a Turkish bank account
- Turkish tax number

Our German-speaking partner will of course accompany you during these actions on site and will also be available for detailed questions.

  1. https://www.efg-immo.com/ausland/html/laender/tuerkei.php Turkey real estate for sale house and land
Turkey real estate for sale house and land
Buy or sell property in Turkey, vacation house and villa for vacation or emigrate
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