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Brasilien Immobilie in Maceio Villa Meerblick Brasilien Immobilie in Maceio Villa Meerblick - Pool Brasilien Immobilie in Maceio Villa - Pool Brasilien Immobilie in Maceio Villa bei Nacht Brasilien Immobilie in Maceio Villa Meerblick Brasilien Immobilie in Maceio Villa Meerblick - Anicht Brasilien Immobilie in Maceio Villa Meerblick zu verkaufen Brasilien Immobilie in Maceio Villa Meerblick Brasilien Immobilie in Maceio Villa Meerblick Brasilien Immobilie in Maceio Villa Meerblick Brasilien Immobilie in Maceio Villa Meerblick QR-Code Maceio Kauf exklusive Villa mit Meerblick - 13119

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Exclusive villa with sea view for sale - 13119

Exposé number:


City - Town:

57038-640 Maceio



Region: Region Nordest
Country: Brazil   Infos Property purchase
Property: 1.050.00 m²
Sale price: 4.400.000 BRL
ap. 880.300 USD
Buyer does not pay any Commission!
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Direct Agreement with Owner
The city of Maceió has the best beaches on the northeast coast. The enchanting landscapes attract tourists from all over Brazil all year round.
The Brazilian Northeast is a popular destination when it comes to natural beauty, beaches and heat. There is no way not to love the area's beaches, culture and people. Among the many options for cities, Maceió deserves to be highlighted for its beaches and itineraries.
There are options for all types of travelers: from the quieter ones who want to relax from the routine of the big city, to those who want a lot of clubbing and nightlife.
Maceió's sea is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful on the north-east coast. The turquoise blue, reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea, is the city's main attraction. By the way, take care of the Caribbean: for those who love the beach and like to swim in the salt water of the sea, Maceió is an unmissable destination! But the traveler doesn't just live on the beach, does he? The city has several other attractions such as natural swimming pools, craft markets, museums and monuments.
Besides beautiful beaches in the morning, you can also enjoy your visit to play in Maceió at night and enjoy the best of the city's bohemian!
There are several ways to make your night fun - from forró to parties with DJ, going through the bars and beach shacks, you can find a program that suits you!
Even if you prefer to spend quieter nights, that's no problem: the city also offers you opportunities for a quieter night.
The view from the promenades of the beaches of Pajuçara, Ponta Verde and Jatiúca, for example, can add a very pleasant touch at the end of a day under the sun by the sea.

Not far from the town you can take several walks, starting from Praia do Francês (Praia do Frances is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Alagoas and is now a popular place for those visiting Maceió. It is located in the town of Marechal Deodoro , about 25 km from the capital of Alagoas), Praia do Gunga (Gunga beach has a colorful sea that stands out as one of the most impressive in Brazil. This happens thanks to the meeting of the waters of Lagoa do Roteiro with the Atlantic Ocean, the provides shades of blue and green in the water that laps the beach. In addition, the place offers different scenarios that will delight everyone who passes by.) Barra do São Miguel (Recharge your batteries in the paradise of Alagoas, Barra de São Miguel, a dip in the sea for its crystal clear water while enjoying the enchanting sunset can be invigorating and just what you need at the moment. about 60 km from Maceio. Nature is the highlight of this region, and for the same reason it attracts more and more tourists looking for a place to rest and relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you are looking for some peace but quality and good sea bathing, this is the perfect destination. HIBISCUS CORALS OR GUARDA RIOS Hibiscus is a beach club where you can spend the day. The advantage of such a place is that you will find infrastructure like in a hotel, with comfortable space for sunbathing or sheltering from it, bar service, restaurant, children's program, live music and much more. and for those who want to go a little further afield you will find the beautiful beaches of SÃO MIGUEL DOS MILAGRES MACEIÓ, the stretch of just over 20 km of coastline formed by Barra do Camaragibe, São Miguel dos Milagres and Porto de Pedras one of the best preserved from the north coast of Alagoas. The quiet fishing villages, inns "foot in the sand", rustic surroundings and secluded beaches gave the place the name Rota Ecológica, the beaches of PATACHO enchant with their natural pools that have attracted the attention of travelers and adventurers from all over the world in in recent years but still retains the tranquility of a small fishing village, still fairly rustic and with an inland vibe. In other words, the idea there is really to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea, and finally, Maragogi beaches have two major assets: a beautiful set of reefs known as galés just a few kilometers from the shore distant and emerald waters that may remind you of those in the Caribbean.
The property for sale is located in the neighborhood of Jacarecica, 3 km away. from the city centre. The house is close to the newly built Parque Shopping (3 Km) and the main supermarkets, such as Atacadão, Assai, Gbarbosa, and Leroy, all within a 4 Km radius. The entire region has lately been subject to several improvements such as the duplication of the highway and the revitalization of the beachfront. The property is located inside a closed condominium with few exclusive units, whose entrance has a concierge with 24-hour doorman and security cameras scattered throughout the condominium in common areas and access streets, easily accessible through an application on the phone itself. The Lot has an area of ​​1,050 square meters and a built area of ​​700 square meters, including a deck, swimming pool and barbecue/bar area. In the construction of the house, quality and durable materials were used, such as special blue glass, white Carrara marble, exposed brick cladding, marble flooring, Italian import light fixtures, aluminum frames and acrylic-textured external coating. The pool has an external dimension of 10x10 meters with a depth of 1.60 meters with a small beach for sun loungers immersed in the shallow water (20 cm). The pool lining is made with mosaic (tablets) of various shades of blue, measuring in cm. 2.5 x 2.5. The pool has an infinity edge, where the water falling by gravity into a small channel is sent back into a 7,000 liter tank that guarantees, through a controlled supply, always the same water level in the pool. The pool pump location is buried and easily accessible via a ladder, inside it we find the 3 horsepower electric pump and two 150 liter Jacuzzi filters that guarantee the crystallinity of the water. The perimeter edge of the pool is all in Carrara marble with rounded details. The internal luminaire is completely new with 12 internal LEDs capable of producing various shades of colors, controlled by a remote control. The house has a large balcony to entertain friends, guests, in complete rest and relax on the sofas, tables and hammock. The garden features a lawn along its entire length with small planters delimited by curved Greek-style bricks, and at the entrance there are several decorative motifs with floors, stones, and plants. Automatic irrigation is even guaranteed for an underground water tank, which supplies water to the garden and three irrigation cycles daily.
Inside the property we find a kitchen with custom furniture and electrical equipment such as refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, cooktop, hoods, microwave and squirt faucet and walls with polished steel coating. The kitchen features a central island for preparing food, with ample cupboards and drawers at the bottom, all covered with a countertop in Bahia green and black granite. The parts of all the bathrooms are DECA brand, the toilets are suspended and the sinks have hidden water brushing, with simple faucets (service areas) and single-lever faucets with hot and cold water. The house has a ground floor and a first floor. On the ground floor we find a large entrance with a large pivot door (so you can immediately see the view to the sea, through the main room and balcony), a large balcony, dining room, living room, a pool table with blue cloth and details in polished steel (replica project of the millenium table that won awards for its design), kitchen, pantry, service area, storage and storage area, three-car garage and barbecue/bar area with bathroom. On the second floor, we have 3 bedrooms, being a suite, (double bedroom with separate male and female closet, a Jacuzzi bath and two sinks with white Carrara marble countertops and mirrors), we have a wide hallway as a rest area, an outdoor garden and a gym.
The outside area of ​​the house features a cobblestone floor with painted and decorated cement sidewalks and blue lighting.
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Brazil Exclusive villa with sea view for sale - 13119
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The offer was last updated on April 20, 2024

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